Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Incredible Photos of Fairy-Tale Scenes by Russian Photographer Kondratyeva

Darya  Kondratyeva, Moscow-based photographe, try to make the  fairytalesa real one, she captured photos that seem like re-interpretations of old fairytales or legends. The models in her photos seem like they could be witches, princesses or forest spirits.

Moscow-based Darya Kondratyeva is a professional photographer capturing weddings, pregnancy, and birth moments for her clients. Kondratyeva often uses her lens to transport her models into a fantasy land where wild animals and humans live in harmony.  
The question is, are these animals mystified with the models beauty, superimposed, or just really well trained? For the sake of everyone’s safety involved, the animals featured in Kondratyeva’s photos are trained to interact with humans and are 100% real!


Kondratyeva’s work is similar to that of Katerina Plotnikova and Margarita Kareva, two other Russian photographers we’ve written about who also have sharp eyes for capturing folkloric images and settings.

It’s amazing how none of these animals were Photoshopped into the picture. She must have some brave models.

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