Saturday, December 27, 2014

The most beautiful scenes in 2014

Incredible video reached about 4 million views since published on "YouTube" A week ago, this video present the best videoes that were published on "YouTube" in 2014, the most beautiful scenes in the brief, only 6 minutes.

The collector of these scenes is the famous activist "Luc Bergeron" , who have briefed 2014 most beautiful and breathing videos just in 6 minutes, and show footage breathtaking, from some of those shots Photos, selfie above the height towers, and a group of people performing amazing dances, and the inspiring smiles of children, and a host of serious challenges.

Incredible mixing of painting and photography by the French artist Sebastian Del Grosso

Sebastian Del Grosso, a french artist, combines painting and photography in an innovative way. The young French artist, Sebastian Del Grosso, Published a new set of his photographs mixed with his paintings, on his own accounts, Facebook and Flickr, and this time focuses on making himself a theme in the work of capturing attention.

The artist make a combination of his passion for drawing and his proficiency in the use of imaging techniques and manipulation of photography. Del Grosso has quite different opinion about photography, in the mixing of this art of photographing and painting, in a professional and innovative; he says: "From my childhood, I liked drawing, and when I grew up and discovered photography I was obsessed by it, so I decided to merge the two works together, to unleash my imagination."

A Wave of Frost turned trees to amazing icy statues in Slovenia

a wave of frost transformed pine trees to the statues of ice, in Slovenia. The the British newspaper "Daily Mail" , pointed that cold weather transformed the landscape in the Dinaric Alps, Slovenia,  to real scenes from the movie "Frozen". The pictures showed, a tree turned into a mythical dragon  after it covered in a thick layer of snow, while the tower seemed in a perfect way like a Snow Queen.

The newspaper added that the ice storm that hit the Alps starting from Croatia, Albania, Serbia, over two days, was enough to cover the large trees in the forest.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Incredible Realistic Finger Drawings of North Pole by Zaria Forman

Zaria Forman, a U.S. artist try to raise climate change awareness through her finger drawings, these drawings look like realistic like a real photo.
The inspiration for her drawings began in her early childhood when she traveled with her family throughout several of the worlds most remote landscapes, which became the subject of her mother's fine art photography. She developed an appreciation for the beauty and vastness of the ever-changing sky and sea. she loved watching a far-off storm on the western desert plains; the monsoon rains of southern India; and the cold arctic light illuminating Greenland's waters. In her work she explore moments of transition, turbulence and tranquility in the landscape and their impact on the viewer.


 In this process she is reminded of how small we are when confronted with the powerful forces of nature. The act of drawing is a meditation for her, and her hope is that the viewer can share this experience of tranquil escape when engaging the work.

At first glance, these images look like like photos of glaciers and icebergs afloat on tranquil and frigid seas. The truth is somewhat more interesting, however – they’re enormous soft pastel finger drawings by U.S. artist Zaria Forman.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Makeup And Hair Styles Through The Last 100 Years

Beauty is a relative thing, depends on the place, time and culture. As an example of the time relative metric, do you know how the makeup was in the last 100 years? specially hair styles? 

Hair styles as far as we know has changed a lot over the years. An amazing video have been created by a specialists in beauty and hairstyles in order to see you the hairstyle these days and throughout the last 100 years in just one minute. Besides the hairstyle changes, the model also gets her makeup done and does her best to pose the way models from those eras posed.

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Art of Nature: Incredible Snow and Ice Formations

Ice, Snow, two words when we hear feeling directly of cold weather, these two words like each other, white, danger and beautiful, but it can also inadvertently create some of the most beautiful and fascinating winter sights, this what I cold, the art of nature. The formation of ice is due to millions of different things that affects its shape, things like humidity, temperature or wind speed which can create wildly different results, and shape, random things always create unimaginable art.

See with me some of the most amazing shapes and formation of ice and snow which are really some kind of art.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Incredible Photos of Fairy-Tale Scenes by Russian Photographer Kondratyeva

Darya  Kondratyeva, Moscow-based photographe, try to make the  fairytalesa real one, she captured photos that seem like re-interpretations of old fairytales or legends. The models in her photos seem like they could be witches, princesses or forest spirits.

Moscow-based Darya Kondratyeva is a professional photographer capturing weddings, pregnancy, and birth moments for her clients. Kondratyeva often uses her lens to transport her models into a fantasy land where wild animals and humans live in harmony.  
The question is, are these animals mystified with the models beauty, superimposed, or just really well trained? For the sake of everyone’s safety involved, the animals featured in Kondratyeva’s photos are trained to interact with humans and are 100% real!