Sunday, November 9, 2014

Ahlam With one million mirror Gown and compete with the heroine of Hunger Games

Ahlam Reflects Everything around one million Gown mirror and compete with the heroine of Hunger Games, Her relationship with Tom Ford may be as personal because of the similarities in terms of the convergence between the Emirati artist Ahlam and the designer  Tom Ford, Ahlam may not meet the fashion designer Tom, but he understands her and understands all powerful, bold and confident herself lady.

Ahlam went back to the designer Tom Ford in the results of "Saturday", dressed a gown from the garment collection of Tom Ford who present it in Spring Summer 2014 at Fashion Week in London.

Ahlam chose again of this distinctive dress which designed og group of million pieces of mirror, how it moved shine and reflect all around her.

Ahlam looked graceful and radiant in gown and with her brown hair, hear hair color have been chosen by the expert Tony Sawaya, and her make-up, this time, Ahlam have chose the make-up expert Ma'soumeh from Saudi Arabia.

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