Sunday, June 22, 2014

Stunning Images For Agile Bats Hunting Moths And Drinking From Pond

Tripping the flight fantastic: Stunning images show agile bats hunting moths and drinking from pond,  These amazing shots capture the moment a Western bat glides silently in pursuit of prey with delicate wings outstretched and its small mouth gaping open.

The detailed shots were captured by wildlife photographer Michael Durham, in Deschutes National Forest near Pine Creek in Oregon, US. It shows the exact moment two bats - a speedy pipistrelle and a smallbrown bat - locate a flighty moth over an expanse of desert scrub and woodland.

Each image was taken in the late hours between 11pm and 2am by Durham, 49, who patiently waits for the creatures to appear - ready to snap them with lasers which trigger a high-speed shutter. He spots when a long-eared myotis bat skims the surface of a man-made guzzler, eager to scoop a mouthful of water in the muggy heat of the night.

Mr Durham, from Portland, Oregon, said: 'This is an enormous technical challenge. Bats prefer to fly in complete darkness and they are incredibly quick. 'I'll watch the figures being fed onto a laptop but sometimes the bats surprise me by flying back and forth through the laser trigger like it's a fun trick they can do.'


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